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Life Without Limits, LLC offers individual Occupational Therapy treatment sessions, where all treatment plans/sessions are individualized to help meet the specific needs of your child. In addition to individual therapy sessions Life Without Limits, LLC also offers comprehensive evaluations to determine strengths and weaknesses of your child, consultative services including home visits, school/classroom observations, and attendance at iep meetings. In-service and in-service training is available as well.

Problems addressed include:

  • sensory processing - the process that organizes sensations from one's own body and from the environment making it possible to respond to this stimuli in a typical/normal fashion.
  • motor planning - to plan, coordinate and implement routine and familiar motor tasks.
  • gross motor skills - skills pertaining to the large muscles of the body that allows for activities such as hopping, jumping, skipping, etc.
  • fine motor skills - skills pertaining to the small muscles of the body that allows for activities such as handwriting.
  • visual perceptual skills - skills pertaining to the eyes and the ability to take in and process visual stimuli from the environment.
  • visual motor skills - the ability to visually take in stimuli and respond with a motor output. This is sometimes referred to as eye hand coordination.
  • bilateral integration - the ability to coordinate the left and the right sides of the body as well as the upper and lower halves of the body.
  • activities of daily living skills - the ability to perform everyday day-to-day tasks including dressing, fasteners, eating etc.
  • play and leisure activities - activities involving toys, games, sports, and other recreational activities.


Comprehensive evaluations are available to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your child.

Standardized evaluations are available in the areas of:

  • sensory integration
  • fine motor/gross motor skills
  • visual perceptual skills
  • visual motor skills
  • visual motor integration
  • handwriting



Life Without Limits, LLC currently accepts most insurances including Apple Health and Tricare.